Church leaders today are pulled in many directions, all while be charged with the primary role of taking care of the flock they are entrusted to. This is a big task. Churches have the responsibility to lead from the pulpit and to be a bright light in the community… while caring individually for the congregation during times of cheer, pain and tragedy.

Staff members at all churches love these aspects of ministry… the large audience and the one-on-one sessions. But sometimes the one-on-one sessions becomes more of a scheduling challenge than the church is able to handle efficiently.

Here are a few thoughts to consider about online scheduling:

1. There’s the important stuff at a church, then there is the mundane work to get the important stuff done well. Scheduling appointments with a staff, counselor or pastor can be a real challenge and can take a lot more time than it should. Phone tag, back and forth emails… it can be exhausting trying to find times that work for all parties.

2. When your people are in pain, appointment scheduling should be easy… If someone is having a tough season in their marriage, or need to speak with someone right away… technology can be used as a sacred tool to connect the afflicted with the counseling they need. A scheduling software allows your congregation to schedule appointments 24/7 on a live calendar.

3. Besides scheduling the initial appointment, our online scheduling software sends email confirmations and reminders 24 hours in advance. Eliminating reschedules and no-shows drastically. This saves everyone a great deal of time, resources and frustration.

4. A central calendar allows pastors, staff and counselors to view their schedules online 24/7. All staff members will have access to their own calendar, while the master admin will have access to all calendars.

5. Businesses and churches alike need to best utilize the staff resources they have, and rather than having staff members following up on calls and emails to book appointments, the online scheduling automates the whole process.

Partnering with a company that offers the ability to handle scheduling and appointment booking online can be a real blessing to the church. If you are interested in trying for your scheduling needs, click here for a Free 30 day trial.