Sure Clean is a small carpet cleaning company in the Seattle and Portland areas. They have approximately 15 employees working 5-6 days per week.

When Sure Clean came to us, they had one over worked receptionist and they had a real challenge in front of them. The one receptionist just wasn’t able to keep up with the work load, so the question was… what do they do?

The first option was to hire a second receptionist. Given the cost, that was prohibitive. They figured it would cost about $3,000 up front (computer, desk, chair, training time) and roughly $3,000 per month for her salary and benefits. As well, they were going to need to upgrade the phone systems to allow for multiple receptionist. Another challenge… the one receptionist was working from home, so this meant that they would each have to work from home (hard to communicate on who is handling what calls, emails, etc), or they could both work at the one persons home (awkward) or they could get an office for both to sit in… again, this is another large monthly expense.

The options werent good.

So what did they do?

Sure Clean added Bookafy Online Appointment Scheduling to their business, and haven’t looked back.

Sure Clean decided to change all of their voicemails to say “if you would like to make an appointment, feel free to do so online on our real time schedule”… they also added a link from their website and their email… and they constantly talked about it with customers.

The result is… for $40.00 per month they were able to reduce the workload of the receptionist to the point that she now has extra time to do follow up calls, send marketing emails and general office activities. She is no longer swamped and the customers are really happy.

Sure Clean now books about 60% of their appointments online!

The bonus, all of the staff calendars are synced up to the master calendar so the staff always knows where they are supposed to be without having to call in or check in.

Sure Clean was able to grow in sales and efficiency while reducing stress in a big way. Why pay for an extra person, and extra office, training, equipment… when you can simply pay $40.00 per month for Bookafy and solve your troubles?

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